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Hi, I'm Kristian!

It's unlikely you will ever hear me talk about cars, cocktail parties, fashion trends, or even cute pets. However, I love getting deep on business and life visions, self-growth, and expanding creativity, playfulness and wellbeing.

What do I write about?

For about 20 years or so, I've crafted story ideas, articles and editorial plans for Swedish newspapers, magazines and company websites – mostly about professional development, entrepreneurship and e-commerce, but also news and entertainment.

My email newsletter CREATIVE POWER is more personal. It's like an email to a friend. I share my recent discoveries, ideas, tools, people, books, pursuits and challenges. It's published on Tuesdays.

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What do I value? 


Most of my life I've been paid asking questions, interviewing and reporting for newspapers and magazines in Sweden. My own curiousity has always been my guide.

Love & playfulness

For many years, I wasn't sure I wanted to become a dad. I'm sure now. My 3-year-old daughter is one-of-a-kind. The moments she screams "There are sharks in the sofa!" while hugging me hard ... they are magic.


Even if I'm settled with a family since a few years, my soul is free. For eight years I travelled to South-East Asia, India, USA and Australia with my laptop. I still tap into the digital nomad freedom feeling as soon as I'm working at cafés in Stockholm.

Life Design

I decode life's layers and components to understand "how life works", and see how different parts affect each other. The goal:  More days of fulfilment, peace and joy.

Creating Concepts

"Become your own life designer" was the first email based course I created, back in 2004. I also co-founded the largest online community in Sweden focused on digital coaching. I ❤ concept design.

Cutting Edge

99,9 percent of all information on any topic is like a bad knife. It's "average" and doesn't cut it. I enjoy discovering, and work with, the kind of thinking, concepts, people and things that stand out and can make a big cut in reality for many people. 

What are the 12 questions that don't leave me alone?

They keep buzzing in my head.  Sure, there are days they don't bother me. But then, there they are again.

=> My 12 favourite life problems / intentions

Who influences my thinking and world-view? 

Hundreds of brilliant thinkers and practitioners inspire me in different ways. A few have stood the test of time:

=> Here's my short-list of world-class influencers who I learn from again and again

 ... and one more thing:

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